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The healthcare financial environment is in a state of constant change. With pressures from their boards, hospitals and group practices are seeking relevant information on how to improve their bottom line.

We offer on-site training as well as speak at events or conduct webinars; developing our presentation materials specific to hospital administrators, revenue cycle managers, billing managers, accounts receivable staff, and medical practice administrators.

Brian Garver, VP of Sales and Marketing, is a passionate, dynamic speaker and facilitator who brings energy and enthusiasm to everything he does.  His excitement is contagious! Brian’s speaking engagements have taken him across the country from all over the Midwest… to New York City… to Austin, Texas… to Los Angeles, California.

His most frequent topics include:

Creating a Culture of Success to Drive Patient Satisfaction

No matter what business you’re in, your success can very often boil down to one thing – your company culture.  You may offer the very best medical care for your patients with the big dollars to promote it, but it’s the people that will really define how successful you are.  Your employees have the power to make or break your brand.

A deeply embedded culture of success inspires loyalty in employees and makes them what to be a part of a team.  It motivates people to do the right thing, not just the easy thing.  At companies with winning cultures, people not only know what they should do, they know why they should do it.

This session will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • CHOOSING culture rather than culture by default. EVERYONE makes a difference
  • How to use patient experience as a strategic competitive advantage
  • The impact of culture on patient satisfaction
  • How to create a culture by design; focused on patient satisfaction utilizing the FISH! Philosophy

Ensuring a Positive Patient Experience in the Revenue Cycle

"I am the patient experience" at OAASC, Sept 2015

“I am the patient experience”, Ohio Association of ASCs

Patients now have more choices than ever; although they may not be able to differentiate between adequate and excellent clinical care, they can identify substandard customer service in the billing process and related communications from a hospital or health care provider. One bad patient experience within the revenue cycle can alienate those patients and potentially lose their future business as well as that of their family and friends.  Treating patients with dignity and care throughout their entire experience – including the billing cycle – is the fiscally responsible thing to do and should be a priority for every staff member.

This session will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • Financial impact of the patient experience within the revenue cycle
  • How to use patient experience as a strategic competitive advantage
  • “Toolbox” to enable dramatic improvement when communicating with patients

Building Effective, High-Performing Teams

Teams have always been, and will always be, an essential ingredient for building a successful business. But building great teams isn’t something that just happens. It takes planning and ongoing effort to get them right–and to keep them that way.

Each team member plays a role and each individual is part of the whole.  The combined efforts of their team members not only produce superior results, they also build a sense of solidarity within their organizations.

This session will provide you with the knowledge to build an effective team for ongoing success:

  • Understand and believe their “Why”
  • Build mutual trust and feel personal ownership
  • Communicate effectively
  • Hire new employees for culture

Featured Speaking Events:

AAHAM ANI 2017, October 2017
West Virginia HFMA Spring Meeting, May 2017
Indiana Pressler Memorial HFMA Spring Institute, April 2017
Hudson Valley (NY) HFMA Annual Institute, April 2017
Central OH HFMA and COPAM Spring Conference, March 2017
Western PA HFMA Spring Institute, March 2017
Southwest OH HFMA, October 2015 and December 2016
Ohio Society of CPAs Healthcare Conference, October 2016
Ohio Hospital Association Annual Meeting, June 2016
OAASC Fall Conference, September 2015, 2016 and 2017
Michigan Revenue Cycle Conference (MPAA / MAHAP / W MI HFMA / E MI HFMA), September 2016 and 2017
Michigan HFMA Chapters Fall Conference, October 2016
Michigan Alliance of Healthcare Access Professionals Conference, January 2016
Indiana Rural Health Annual Conference, June 2016
Cincinnati MGMA, November 2015


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