What your Patients Say

  • “I spoke with a young man named Ryan, he was very helpful. Explained everything to a ‘T’.  I can sleep good tonight knowing he’s helping me!” Ryan – KeyBridge Patient Account Representative

    John Doe 8

    “Nikki was very helpful. She was very understanding.  You guys couldn’t have a better employee working for you.  I love you guys because you are so understanding and willing to work with somebody.  You’re not rude, not pushy and I … » Read More

    John Doe 7

    “I just wanted to say that I’ve always been treated with the utmost respect from KeyBridge. I enjoy working with you all to get these bills settled. Thank you very much!” Shane – KeyBridge Patient Account Representative

    John Doe 6

    “Out of all the hospitals that I’ve dealt with, you are the best. Everyone I speak with is courteous and kind and takes care of me. It is not the same as any other hospital in the area; I prefer … » Read More

    John Doe 5

    “My concerns about a bill were addressed promptly by a real person. Sherry was extremely helpful and I thoroughly appreciate the fact that I was able to reach someone quickly who was intelligent, capable and interested in my problem. She … » Read More

    John Doe 4

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Patient satisfaction is the key to repeat business. View our complete guide on how medical revenue management can improve patient satisfaction.

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