What your Patients Say

  • “I am crying tears of joy right now just because she gave me some possible solutions when I didn’t think there were any.  She was very kind and respectful too.  I appreciate that.  You have a winner there!”

    John Doe 8

    “KeyBridge was very respectful and nice; phenomenal to work with.  My rep was able to figure out a payment plan that worked for me.  I wish I could work with more customer service reps like this!”

    John Doe 7

    “I am treated with the utmost respect anytime I have talked with KeyBridge.  I appreciate being treated as a human being.”

    John Doe 6

    “No matter when I called, everyone was friendly, anxious to help, and professional.  KeyBridge is not guilty of any intimidation or threats.  If dealing with a collection agency is a pleasure, KeyBridge fits that category!”

    John Doe 5

    “I just want to say that I have always got good service from KeyBridge.  We appreciate the fact that when your reps call they treat us with dignity.  We have paid off over 43 accounts with your office and every … » Read More

    John Doe 4

How can you improve patient satisfaction?

Patient satisfaction is the key to repeat business. View our complete guide on how medical revenue management can improve patient satisfaction.

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