Quickly Transform Headaches Into Revenue

Our mission is to support your medical collection needs—whatever those needs may be. We commonly solve messes like:

  • Legacy Clean Ups

    We helped one client reduce aged accounts receivable by 92%. And we did it 32x’s faster than their original estimated time.

  • Filing Bottlenecks

    Cross the stuff you’ll never do off your list once and for all—at an extremely reasonable rate.

  • Unprocessed Denied Claims

    The fastest way to increase revenue—and often, the most neglected administrative task. We take care of it for you.

Whether you’re facing a quick project or a long-term initiative, our Business Process Optimization team is here to help. We quickly step in, assess the situation, and deliver a solution—accomplishing in days what your team would need months to tackle.

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We Play Nice With All Business Systems.

We consider ourselves system-agnostic. Our team is used to working within every major healthcare records system and top technologies in the industry. Below is a sample of the systems we are experienced in.

Is BPO the Solution for Back-Office Shortages?

Unfortunately, the healthcare industry faces a massive labor shortage, extending beyond clinicians and nurses to the back office. The back office is the part of a medical practice that patients rarely see…

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Ready to Automate?

Why waste time on painful, repetitive activities that distract you (and your team) from the core business? Let us perform your time-stealing tasks effectively and efficiently. Contact us to determine the right approach for your specific challenges.

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