Patients Are Talking 1-16-19

Posted on January 16, 2019 by Lisa

“You have trained people very well to be very nice and friendly over the phone.  The gentleman I talked to first, and now Judith – they were friendly, they were positive, they were outgoing.  Thank you so much, that made this a whole lot easier for me!  I am glad I got the debt paid off.  Thank you, I appreciate it; they were wonderful!”


“The representative was very knowledgeable about my account and was able to assist me to a better financial path to work on paying this account off.  I was able to make a payment and I was given the tools and information needed so I can set up a payment and get the account paid off.  I appreciate the associate, her time, her patience and her knowledge.  She was truly appreciated, thank you!”


“I absolutely adore the customer service lady that I spoke with today.  She had a great sense of humor, she was very kind and understanding, and so helpful!  I just wanted to let you know that she is wonderful; she’s great at her job!  Thank you!”


“The representative was very helpful, very pleasant to work with, and eager to help me with my situation.  Thank you!”



All of the above are real comments left by patients on our proprietary KeyBridge Satisfaction survey.

Respect, kindness and helpfulness aren’t words commonly associated with healthcare revenue management and collection agencies.  But those are exactly the words you will hear about KeyBridge.  We don’t just talk about it; we can prove it with our documented, industry-leading 97% patient satisfaction rating.

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