Patients Are Talking 1-9-19

Posted on January 9, 2019 by Lisa

“Keshia was exceptionally helpful!  I didn’t have an account number; it was kind of strange circumstances.  When I talked with her, she seemed to know exactly what I was talking about and was able to help.  I really appreciate her and I hope you do, too!  Thank you.”


“Most bill collectors are pretty rude in trying to collect a debt, but the person that called me was very nice and respectful.  Thank you!”


“I think I have called like 2-3 times to pay payments over the phone, and each time every woman that I have had on the line is very considerate; says have a great day, very nice.  They’re doing a great job, thank you!”


“I dealt with a young woman named, Becky.  I am 81 years old and I was somewhat confused about the financial assistance program involving a statement I received.  She was extremely patient with me!  She had to repeat the information for me a couple times and didn’t show answer signs of aggravation.  She made sure I understood the information.  I got what I needed.  I just wanted to compliment her, thank you!”


“Hi, this is Xxxx.  I talked to Keshia today; it was lovely.  Not only did I get my statement paid, but her voice is so pretty and uplifting that I feel better from calling.  Thanks, a lot!”



All of the above are real comments left by patients on our proprietary KeyBridge Satisfaction survey.

Respect, kindness and helpfulness aren’t words commonly associated with healthcare revenue management and collection agencies.  But those are exactly the words you will hear about KeyBridge.  We don’t just talk about it; we can prove it with our documented, industry-leading 97% patient satisfaction rating.

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