Jeans Day Donation to support Deb’s Dogs

Posted on January 9, 2019 by Lisa

The KeyBridge “Get Hooked” team is very proud to present Deb’s Dogs with a donation of almost $1,300 in support of their ongoing efforts to care for dogs that may be neglected, abused or injured and prepare them to be adopted and become somebody’s loyal companion.

As part of “Get Hooked”, our corporate employee engagement program, KeyBridge employees donate 50 cents each week in exchange for “Jeans Day” Fridays.  At the beginning of each year, employees can nominate worthy causes that are important to them and then select one to whom we donate all the monies collected and/or purchase needed items with those donations.

“Get Hooked” was created based upon the four principals of the Fish!Philosophy; Choose Your Attitude, Be Present, Make Their Day and Play.  At KeyBridge we believe an important part of those guiding principals includes giving back and supporting the communities in which we live and work.  As KeyBridge continues to grow, our donations grow with us!  Since 2015, KeyBridge employees’ Jeans Day donations have exceeded $4,000; supporting organizations including Meals til Monday, Dayton Children’s Hospital, the Allen County Humane Society and now, Deb’s Dogs.

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