Why we support our own: TEAM RHONDA

Posted on May 3, 2013 by Lisa

We support our own.

What does that mean to an organization whose business focus and reason for being is medical revenue management?

KeyBridge has a reputation for being different in a lot of ways. We aren’t the typical “bill collector” and we don’t maintain status quo when it comes to doing business. We support our clients by ecstatically rolling out the red carpet for them with everything we can possibly do. We support our own!

KeyBridge also leads the way in being a “Best Places to Work” by working hard and smart as a team. Not only do we enjoy good times and fun activities together. There’s more.

It’s in our bloodstream: We truly support our own – team members.

The KeyBridge difference extends outwardly in the way we treat our clients, our peers and our colleagues. And when it comes to our team – we are tight. We are a team – TOGETHER.

Nobody Fights Alone: It’s a battle cry and KeyBridge is on the front lines, waging war on cancer on behalf of our teammate Rhonda. Rhonda has Stage 4 cancer, and KeyBridge is fighting a battle for her and with her.

We support our own - Nobody Fights Alone: Team Rhonda

At KeyBridge, we embrace the FISH! philosophy as part of our culture. Right now this is experiencing a re-birth with the creation of “TEAM RHONDA”. It personifies the FISH! philosophy to “be present” for our friend and co-worker during her time of personal challenge. A Facebook page was launched in mid-April that the KeyBridge team continues to “like” and “share” with their followers via social media, even as the KeyBridge Facebook page shares pictures of ongoing events to support her.

It’s true: “NOBODY fights cancer alone!” and, at KeyBridge, we support our own.

Breast cancer Nobody Fight Alone Team Rhonda KeyBridgeThrough written support expressed via social media and events, such as raffles, t-shirt and bracelet sales, and ideas that are still in the planning stages, the KeyBridge Difference holds true both inside and out for our team and for our clients. We support our own, and our clients know this. Their testimonials are genuine, and they portray our support for them in any way possible. We support our own, and our team is with us all the way.

Rhonda – this one’s for you.

Ey Ey Ey Ey

KeyBridge Harlem Shake Nobody Fights Alone Team Rhonda

We’re Harlem Shake-ing up our realm to show that NOBODY FIGHTS ALONE, and the KeyBridge Difference is a passion for all of us, both with our team and the clients we are privileged to serve throughout each day.

KeyBridge Harlem Shake Nobody Fights Alone Team Rhonda
Nobody Fights ALONE…
KeyBridge Harlem Shake Nobody Fights Alone Team Rhonda








Please contact us for more information about the KeyBridge Difference. If we can support your medical organization with our services or value-added training, give us a call at 1.877.222.4114. We would enjoy supporting you as one of our own.

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