KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care Expands to East and Southeast U.S. to Provide More Comprehensive Service

Posted on June 13, 2022 by Kylene Ordway

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KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care has announced it is expanding its operations into Maryland, down the East Coast, and into the Southeast part of the United States in an effort to provide more of its comprehensive services to healthcare providers throughout the area. Prior to this move, KeyBridge’s main focus area for client support was the Midwest, centered around Ohio, Indiana, and the surrounding states.

The company’s move comes from a place of wanting to provide a higher level of service to its clients. COVID-19 has truly changed the way organizations like KeyBridge have done business. It is easy enough for organizations to hop on a virtual call to catch up with a client or prospect, allowing the organization to reach more people with less travel time.

However, KeyBridge believes that face-to-face interaction is a critical and key component of their operations and the success they’ve had. They are extremely thankful for the number of in person events and conferences they plan to attend in 2022 to continue to provide that type of in-person interaction to create real relationships with their clients.

A Wider Range of Support Provided

KeyBridge has expanded to have business development representatives present to cover the needs of clients in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, D.C. Metro Area, West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, and Wisconsin. That is a significant push for the company’s expansion.

The move allows the company to provide more personalized care to their clients in a wide range of ways. However, they have other reasons for doing so as well.

Not only is the company growing to better meet the needs of the clients it is working with, but the expansion also allows them to grow where their employees live. KeyBridge has always allowed their employees the opportunity to work from home as an option. Even in doing that, most employees were still within an hour’s drive to the Lima, Ohio offices.

That has changed, in part due to the pandemic and a new business model. Now the company has updated its onboarding process and training procedures. As a result, it has expanded to hiring employees who are working throughout this region of the country. The upgrades and modernizations to the hiring process now allow for employees to work 100 percent remotely.

Continued Hiring Helps to Spur Growth

KeyBridge is proud to be able to offer new opportunities for employees with this new expansion of their business. They are currently hiring candidates that live in Ohio, Indiana, or Michigan. Over time, they will continue to expand this geographical footprint to better meet the needs of their clients as they add new opportunities.

The current hiring and training method has helped KeyBridge build a strong and healthy workforce currently. The expansion of their hiring to allow for more remote opportunities has allowed KeyBridge to tap into extremely qualified talent that is no longer constrained by geographical limitations.
The future looks bright for KeyBridge and the clients it works with and will work with in the future. They are excited to see what the future offers.

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