KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care Names Scott Cottrill as New President

Posted on May 3, 2022 by Kylene Ordway

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KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care has named Scott Cottrill as its new President. The company started under the guidance of Scott Koenig’s father. He began the company in 1981 and helped establish it as the recognized leader in its field.

Scott Koenig, the current Owner, and CEO of KeyBridge, remains involved in the company’s business daily and will continue to do so going forward.

In December of 2021, the company brought in Scott Cottrill for his experience in leading successful organizations. Scott Cottrill has worked with the company in the past in a consulting role. He also assisted KeyBridge in exceeding the 5 year plan at the time. KeyBridge has many exciting and large goals to reach. The move to bring Scott Cottrill on board will allow the company to reach those goals, including the promise of operational excellence.
One of the company’s most important priorities is its people. Scott Cottrill fits the KeyBridge Culture extremely well and has been welcomed with open arms since day one.

Scott Koenig, Owner, and CEO of KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care, states, “We are very excited to bring Scott on board with us and add to our already talented team. He comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in leading very successful, progressive, high-growth companies. We look forward to moving KeyBridge forward to even greater heights under his leadership.”

A Promise of a Solid Future

Eager to get started on 2022 goals, Scott Cottrill has already laid the foundation for success. He provided a few statements about the expectations of the organization going forward.

Scott Cottrill, the new President of KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care, offered the following statement about the transition. “Why did I choose to join KeyBridge? KeyBridge has an over 30 year history of providing industry leading client and patient experiences. I am honored to be able to help lead the development of KeyBridge for 2022 and forward by building on that history.”

He continued, “My role is “helping people help people.” Our clients provide wonderful care to their patients, and we are blessed with the honor of helping our clients get compensation for the amazing care they provide. We are helping people who help people.” Speaking about what he looks to accomplish in the future, Cottrill states, “In 2022, we will be taking our operational performance to new levels to better serve our clients and their patients. What we do well, we need to do even better. The biggest opportunity is where we are performing to our true potential. We definitely need to impact those areas this year. There is a phrase I use as a guide. It is “operational excellence.” This is a goal of continuous improvement and constant evaluation. We will be setting that as our guide in 2022.”

Having been on the job for a few months now, Cottrill says he has seen a lot of positive things, stating, “From day one, I have experienced wonderful people who care about the job they do and the customers they serve. People who strive to achieve higher levels continuously and people who care genuinely about KeyBridge as an organization and a brand. In 20 plus years of working with organizations and the people associated with them, the caliber of the people I have met at KeyBridge far exceeds any team I have met anywhere. The people here are why KeyBridge is what it is today and, most importantly, what it will be from this day forward. People are the greatest of all assets, and KeyBridge has created a team of people that rivals any group I have ever seen.” Every organization is dependent upon financial success to survive. KeyBridge helps our clients achieve financial success in their revenue management cycle. By helping our clients succeed we are helping their patients to receive wonderful care” he says.

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