Creating a Culture for Success to Drive Patient Satisfaction

Posted on June 14, 2021 by Callie Koenig

Marketing the outside of your company can only get you so far… what really matters is what is on the INSIDE. Would you be comfortable with your employees talking about your company culture to potential clients or new employees? If you hesitated, you are in the right place! After all, how can you provide an amazing patient experience if there isn’t an amazing experience within your own walls?

CULTURE is YOUR brand, make it a positive one! “Healthcare is an industry where employee satisfaction is closely linked to patient satisfaction.” If healthcare workers aren’t motivated to improve their organization and contribute positively to culture, how is it reasonable to expect change and a healthy culture? A positive and successful company culture allows for openness and communication, the ability to have fun while still meeting work goals, and having trust in oneself and everyone else within the company.

Google is a perfect example of a company that really gets the importance listening to their employees and implementing a positive company culture. All companies should strive to have their employees talk about their jobs the way that Google employees do in this video.


By having meaningful professional relationships with effective communication, you are taking the positivity of your culture to another level. Gaining the trust and loyalty of your employees is of upmost importance and will push your company culture to flourish. These can all benefit your company and at the same time give your employees the chance to feel as if they made a difference. Who doesn’t want that?

“Successful leaders inspire their team by communicating their vision in a way that generates excitement and motivates others to jump on board with full commitment.”

Jack Canfield, “7 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement and Create a Culture of Success.”

Our President here at KeyBridge understood all that it takes to have a positive company culture, which in turn leads to a successful company. This is when “Get Hooked”, our corporate employee engagement program, was born and became a huge success. With our Get Hooked program and our FISH committee, we are able to engage all employees, hear all of their thoughts and concerns and plan exciting events for everyone to have a good time at! The positive change in your company starts with YOU! Do you want to learn more about how you can improve your company culture? Sign your team up today for a Master Class presented by Brian Garver!

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