Patients are Talking! “Darnecia was very kind to me and did a great job…”

Posted on May 5, 2021 by Kylene Ordway

“Darnecia was very kind to me and did a great job. I appreciated what she did. You guys are the best and take real good care of your customers! Thank you so much


“I really appreciate that the agent treated me like a human and didn’t just put me in the apple basket of someone who doesn’t pay their bills and understood that certain circumstances do arise that puts us in this situation. She treated me with the upmost respect when I called in to pay my bill. Thank you so much!


“Katlyn was very understanding and helpful. She was so patient and I hope she stays around. You need more people like her! Thank you so much!” 


“My call was handled very well by Cassie. She was very attentive and even worked with me on a settlement. I am very thankful for working with you guys! Thank you!


“Thank you guys for always working with me and being polite and kind. I really appreciate your team! They are great! Thank you


“Melissa was excellent and actually made me feel like there may be a light at the end of this tunnel that I am in right now. I just wanted to give her high praise and just say thank you so much!


“You guys are great! My rep helped me with everything I needed, was very respectful, courteous and kind. Thank you so much!



All of the above are real comments left by patients on our proprietary KeyBridge Satisfaction survey.


Respect, kindness and helpfulness aren’t words commonly associated with healthcare revenue management and collection agencies. But those are exactly the words you will hear about KeyBridge. We don’t just talk about it; we can prove it with our documented, industry-leading 97% patient satisfaction rating.

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