Patients are Talking! “I really appreciated this kind of phone call…”

Posted on April 21, 2021 by Kylene Ordway

I really appreciated this kind of phone call. Usually when you get these calls, the people are upsetting and disrespectful, but you guys were not like that! The pandemic has put a big strain on the people who have been out of work and their income has changed so I really appreciate you guys so much! Thank you.” 


Kandis was very patient with me and did a wonderful job. I am very appreciative of her time. Thank you!


The rep was very sweet, friendly, and accommodating. I really appreciate her making the minor adjustment that I needed. Thank you so much


Your staff that answers the phones and deals with the concerns that the consumer has, are just amazing! Keep up the good work! I have not had a bad experience yet. Thank you!” 


I have been working with you guys for a couple years now and I have to say that the level of care that you guys give is just great! Every person I have ever talked to there has been awesome and I just felt like I wanted to tell you guys that! Keep up the great work! I really appreciate all of you!


Thank you once again for having outstanding employees! Every time I talk to someone, it is wonderful. They always help put things in perspective and I just appreciate every one of you! Thank you so much!


My rep was very clear and precise. She was open to the information I gave her and I really appreciated her working with me. She was very understanding and just fantastic! Thank you!


All of the above are real comments left by patients on our proprietary KeyBridge Satisfaction survey.


Respect, kindness and helpfulness aren’t words commonly associated with healthcare revenue management and collection agencies. But those are exactly the words you will hear about KeyBridge. We don’t just talk about it; we can prove it with our documented, industry-leading 97% patient satisfaction rating.

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