Patients are talking! “My representative was outstanding!”

Posted on March 17, 2021 by Kylene Ordway

“My representative was outstanding! She explained everything to me and handled everything professionally. Great job! I really appreciated her. Thank you.” 


“Christina was extremely patient and listened to all my needs for medical care. She really went over the mark for helping me navigate the system and explained my insurance to me. I have been isolated in my apartment for quite some time so to have someone like Christina call and was as pleasant as she was, was just what made my day and people like her are what make these difficult times more bearable. So thank you so much.”


“The lady I spoke to was very pleasant and nice. It was nice having someone to talk to that was kind, understanding and helpful. Thank you very much!


“The rep that I spoke with was excellent! She was very easy to understand and pleasant to talk to. I would give her an A any day! Thank you!” 


“The lady that helped me was extremely polite. I think she was a genuinely caring person and I really enjoyed my experience. Not many people can say that about paying a bill. Thank you so much.”


“I have dealt with Carina the last few times and she is absolutely amazing. She is so helpful, takes the time and she is just so sweet! I just wanted to let you know because she is doing a fabulous job and I don’t mind calling in when I need to. Thank you so much!


“Emily was very professional, friendly and so helpful. It was a very pleasant experience and I really appreciated her. Thank you so much!” 


“Carina was exceptional with her customer care! She had beautifully represented herself and the company. She was very warm and kind and her voice was very well polished. I have spoken to many customer care reps over the years and she was definitely top notch! I usually don’t take surveys but I really wanted her to get recognition for her outstanding job bc I was very pleased with her. Thank you very much!”


All of the above are real comments left by patients on our proprietary KeyBridge Satisfaction survey.


Respect, kindness and helpfulness aren’t words commonly associated with healthcare revenue management and collection agencies. But those are exactly the words you will hear about KeyBridge. We don’t just talk about it; we can prove it with our documented, industry-leading 97% patient satisfaction rating.


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