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Work with the leaders in patient communication and data analysis for proven processes that preserve your patient goodwill while recovering maximum revenue.

Our combination of industry-leading, proprietary processes make it easy to outline your revenue cycle workflow, ensuring that each step is properly managed. These proven methods work synergistically to increase your revenue, streamline your accounts receivable process and control your costs, all while preserving valued patient relationships.


Short for Resolution Efficiency and Value Intelligent Quotient, REV:IQ is our cutting-edge business intelligence system that enables KeyBridge to continually improve our efforts to provide the highest results for clients and the best care to patients – all with maximum speed and efficiency.  Incorporating this next-generation workforce management model allows for higher degrees of success and much higher quality control.  REV:IQ technology means no accounts fall through the cracks and all are resolved with maximum efficiency and care for your patients.  Learn more.

Human Performance Technology (HPT)

Collecting accounts receivable can be daunting, even for the most experienced medical practice staff.  At KeyBridge, we take charge of this issue scientifically, using Human Performance Technology.  HPT is a systematic approach to improving individual and organizational performance utilizing proven psychometric technologies.  Our KeyBridge professionals are selected via a rigorous hiring process and extensively trained through our Motivating Account Payment program.  Every team member has the skills and expertise necessary to focus on problem solving and motivating patients, rather than coercing payment – and they know how to preserve each patient’s dignity while recovering the maximum amount possible. Your patients stay your patients, and you get an effective debt collection solution that everyone can feel comfortable with.

Predictive Dialing

PhoneOur use of predictive dialing allows our call center to manage and organize workload, build productivity, improve efficiency and increase patient contact. Through use of predictive dial with IVR capabilities, we have the ability to dial numerous lines simultaneously that effectively identify and remove bad phone records from the queue, leave prerecorded messages for patients and quickly connect patients to a skilled account representative. Outbound call campaigns are specifically designed for each client to maximize recovery while reducing costs.

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