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Medical revenue management is part of every patient’s non-clinical experience.

Dramatic changes in the U.S. healthcare industry in recent years have put enormous pressures on hospitals and healthcare providers to compete in increasingly trying circumstances. Competition for patients, loyalty and market share have driven healthcare providers to focus more intently on improving the patient experience as a competitive advantage.

We care for your patients.

Because KeyBridge understands a positive patient experience is a critical component to the success of a healthcare system, patient satisfaction has been our focus since the inception of our company, over 30 years ago. KeyBridge has a long history of success as a trusted partner for healthcare provider; specializing in patient care throughout the revenue cycle and collections. By treating your patients as valuable customers, we help maximize your collections, minimize complaints and create happy advocates for your brand — making it easier to capture future business from them and their families and friends. We are expert patient experience partners to our clients.

KeyBridge is best qualified to represent your brand because:

REASON 1 — Not just collections: preserving future patient dollars.

Satisfied patients equates to more revenue. Why risk millions in future patient dollars by turning to a commodity ARM or debt recovery provider?

REASON 2 — Dedicated, concierge-style service.

We understand your mindset because medical revenue management is all we do. Our well-trained, tenured professionals provide easy, painless program set-up and hassle-free service.

REASON 3 — Technology-enabled results.

Our proprietary REV:IQ software is engineered for continuous improvement for maximum recovery of your accounts. The KeyBridge Client Services iPortal provides accountability at your fingertips. We’ve streamlined billing and collections so you get paid – and that aligns with your organization’s mission.

REASON 4 — Satisfied patients pay their bills.

How does KeyBridge collect more for you? Because we are expert patient experience partners who have perfected our approach to keeping your patients happy – and studies show that satisfied patients pay their bills in full. Why do we do it? Because we know that happy patients means you are happy, too.

Contact us today to discuss The KeyBridge Difference and solutions tailored to your needs.