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Did you know that patients who are dissatisfied with their billing experience are twice as likely to not recommend a provider?   The importance of the Patient Experience and Patient Satisfaction is increasing at all levels of the healthcare experience – including the revenue cycle.  These interactions are often the final and the most important touch-points patients have with your organization and your last chance to make a great impression.

Studies by recognized experts confirm the negative impacts and risks associated with dissatisfied patients. They underscore the critical importance of dealing with patients the right way in all of their interactions with your hospital – both clinical and non-clinical.


Why risk one dissatisfied patient when that impacts income from their family and others they influence?  One bad experience can put that potential revenue in jeopardy.  This is why patient satisfaction is taken seriously at KeyBridge and is the true measure of our success.

KeyBridge delivers 97% patient satisfaction.

Our documented, industry-leading 97% average patient satisfaction rate mitigates risk to maximize revenue. Collecting the right way delivers immediate results and translates into significant future dollars earned for your hospital.

But don’t take our word for it. See comments from patients who completed KeyBridge’s proprietary customer service survey.

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