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97% Patient Satisfaction RateKeyBridge is the only Medical Accounts Receivable firm measuring patient satisfaction with every call.  Even the largest of firms cannot compete with our proven success of measuring the effectiveness of our processes and the quality of service from our patient account representatives!  Learn how we do it.

We understand what it means to be better and how professional, personal attention to your patients correlate with achieving successful financial results.  We are expert patient experience partners to our clients.

Patient Quotes

See below some of the amazing comments from patients who completed KeyBridge’s proprietary customer service survey:

“Out of all the hospitals that I’ve dealt with, you are the best.  Everyone I speak with is courteous and kind and takes care of me.  It is not the same as any other hospital in the area; I prefer to use you guys for everything from here on out.  Thank you for everything you do!”
Kelly S. – KeyBridge Patient Account Representative

“I have always been treated with the utmost respect from KeyBridge.  I enjoy working with you all to get these bills settled. Thank you very much!”
Shane – KeyBridge Patient Account Representative

“Nikki was very helpful. She was very understanding.  You guys couldn’t have a better employee working for you.  I love you guys because you are so understanding and willing to work with somebody.  You’re not rude, not pushy and I just wanted to say that Nikki was outstanding.”
Nikki – KeyBridge Patient Account Representative

“I spoke with a young man named Ryan, he was very helpful.  Explained everything to a ‘T’. I can sleep good tonight knowing he’s helping me!”
Ryan – KeyBridge Patient Account Representative

“Paul was extremely helpful and kind. He treated me with the utmost respect & could not have been more kind.  If all collection people would be as kind as him, much more people would pay their bills on time!  We worked out a payment plan together.  It was a wonderful experience and he should be commended.”
Paul – KeyBridge Patient Account Representative

“Wendy was very clear, very respectful and understanding of my situation.  She made things very easy.  I’ve been very happy with the whole experience I’ve had with (the hospital) and would have no problems at all recommending your facility and your billing department to anybody that I know.  Thank you very much!”
Wendy – KeyBridge Patient Account Representative

“Considering that I’m calling a collection agency, this was probably the best customer service experience I’ve ever had!  Michelle was extremely personable and very friendly.  She helped me work out a good payment plan that works with my budget.  I really appreciate your help and if more collection agencies worked in this way, I think more consumers would be willing to pay.”
Michelle – KeyBridge Patient Account Representative

“Thank you for the help and respect I’ve received from your company.  Working with creditors can be very difficult. You guys have been great.  Not once have you disrespected me like most other companies.  I appreciate it and am so glad to be paid off. Thank you so much.”
Kelly J. – KeyBridge Patient Account Representative

“My concerns about a bill were addressed promptly by a real person.  Sherry was extremely helpful and I thoroughly appreciate the fact that I was able to reach someone quickly who was intelligent, capable and interested in my problem.  She was excellent.”
Sherry – KeyBridge Patient Account Representative